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Zebra is one of the 5 Mighty Birds that attack the more powerful pigs. Zebra is shy, but when picked on, can get angry easily. He uses his tentacles (one of his powers) as self defence.


Zebra is called Zebra because he looks like a zebra. Along his body are black stripes. He also has black rings around his small eyes. He, unlike others, has no tail.

Battle Strategy

When the Mighty birds have came across an opponent so powerful that it has destroyed the other birds, Zebra zooms in and uses black tentacles to wreak havoc.


  • This bird is a cousin to Heart Bird, although neither of them know.
  • Zebra is an avid reader and occasionally writes books to entertain others.
  • Zebra once used a black tentacle on an annoying pig that flung him 20m in the distance.