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General Info
Powers Any Powers From Every Bird In The Game
First Level Appearance: TBA
Gender: Male
Species: Rose-Ringed Parakeet
Locations: Piggy Island
Strength: Depenting On The Power
Size: Medium

Descriptions When He Was A Hatchling

Angry Birds Ultimate Description

Multicolored Madness!

Mintie is ben's hatchling he loves apples and he has a disease of RAINBOWS!!! and he's a close friend of Sparkle. he came from a abandoned egg that ben rescued now this hatchling learns how to fly using jetpack run.

Angry Birds Fusions Description

Rainbow Deaseased Hatchling!

Mintie Is A Bird Who Is STILL A Hatchling He Is Also Bens Hatchling And A Close Friend Of Sparkle. When he Was Abandoned As An Egg, Ben Rescued Him. He Also Has Many Hatchling Friends!

When He Was A Hatchling