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Voidian The Pig is the first piggy to be created in space. When the pigs were cruising around in space with the eggs, the birds were launching themselves onto their spaceship to retrieve the stolen delicacies. When Red popped a minion pig, his remains soared around in space, but King Pig didn’t seem to care. A few months later, these piggy parts formed together to create Voidian.


Voidian The Pig looks like your average pesky egg-stealing Pig, however he has a pair of glasses: one lenses is red and the other is blue. Similar to 3D glasses, Voidian uses these to see things no-one else can, such as microscopic bacteria, invisible force fields on a spaceship, and much more.


Voidian can create black holes, but they aren’t too strong. They could suck up all the flock members, however. It is believed that Voidian can be invincible on Earth.


  • Nobody has seen Voidian before, he IS like 3,000,000 Miles away from Earth.