Note: this is not a real way to unlock Hal in Angry Birds 2. It is yet to be confirmed if Hal is even relevant in the Angry Birds flock anymore, as he is mainly ignored in games.

Hal is a great green boomerang bird that many fans love. What if there was a way, however, to unlock him in Angry Birds 2? If he were to get out of that kart from Angry Birds GO, and settle back in the slingshot, it would be good news. More importantly, what would his design be: The Angry Birds GO one or the Classic one?

Green FeathersEdit

Just like the unlocking method for Stella, you need to collect feathers of a certain colour. For Stella, you could get them by playing the Piggy Elevator game, and other ways. As for Hal, you can do the same thing, but the easiest way is to pop piggies!

For every piggy you pop, you get 5 green feathers. You need 5000 Green Feathers to unlock him, meaning you’d need to pop 1000 pigs. As stated earlier, though, you CAN get them while playing Piggy Elevator.

At The EndEdit

Once you have gathered up 5000 feathers, there is one last thing to do. It’s a level. This level is the actual level you unlock Hal in, in AB Classic, because Hal started in a cage. The level is redesigned slightly to add Angry Birds 2 textures, but it’s still the same thing.


The level

Once the level’s complete, Hal is added to your flock. For his design, he has the original style, just polished a lot. He basically looks like a Toons Hal, if that ever existed. His battle cry is now deeper and more growling is heard.

Anyways, that’s it.

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