Two Beak Twins is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It is about Hal and Drill Bird teaming up to defeat the pigs.


[The Episode starts with the birds near some fallen trees]

  • Red: That fight with King Pig was intense.
  • Chuck: I know!
  • Drill Bird: I’m just freaked out by this other guy...
  • Hal: I’m Hal, Rocky.
  • Drill Bird: Sorry, it’s just, you look similar to me!
  • Hal: Am I allowed to look similar to you? Yes. Besides, I think we could make a pretty good team.
  • Drill Bird: You Do?
  • Hal: Yeah, man!
  • Drill Bird: Let’s go take out some stupid pigs!

[Hal and Drill Bird run off]

  • Matilda: Let’s follow them.
  • Bomb: Please no running, that Explosion tired me out.
  • Matilda: Our friends could be in danger!
  • Bomb: Okay...

[Bomb rolls over to where Drill Bird and Hal went]

  • Chuck: There he goes!

[Scene cuts to Drill Bird and Hal fighting]

  • Drill Bird: There’s so many pigs!
  • Hal: If we team up, then we can beat them!
  • Drill Bird: Yeah, they’re pretty weak.
  • Hal: One beak slice is it for them!

[A fat pig appears]

  • Hal: Who’s this?
  • Drill Bird: I don’t know!

[Scene cuts back to the birds looking for Hal and Drill Bird]

  • Jim: Please,
  • Jake: Don’t,
  • Jay: Finish,
  • Jim: My,
  • Jake: Sandwiches!!
  • Red: I think you had to say ‘sentences’.
  • Jake: Whatever!
  • Bomb: Please, I need a break.
  • Matilda: No stopping now!
  • Jake: Matilda’s right! The pigs have stranded us on a tiny island, and it’s our job to get our friends back!
  • Jim: Yeah!

[The Fat Pig rolls down in the direction of the flock]


[Scene cuts to Hal and Drill Bird]

  • Hal: Did the fat pig try to escape?
  • Drill Bird: That’s because we’re the best team!
  • Hal: Yeah!

[a fat pig comes and puts Drill Bird in a net to take him away]

  • Drill Bird: HAL!!
  • Hal: ROCKY!!

[Hal walls sadly back to the flock]

  • Jim: Hey Hal!
  • Jay: Where’d that fat pig come from?
  • Jake: Hey! What’s troubling ya?
  • Hal: Drill Bird’s gone.
  • Red: What do you mean?
  • Hal: A fat pig took him away.
  • Chuck: No!
  • Matilda: That’s awful! We’ve got to get him back!
  • Bomb: Yeah! Matilda is indeed right!

[Bubbles falls down from the sky]

  • Bubbles: Red? Is that you?
  • Red: Yeah.
  • Bubbles: Oh, goody! I found my friends!
  • Jim: Well, at least we got a new friend.
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