Triple Eye Pig is one of the many piggy citizens of Piggia. He was created in a failed experiment when two pigs tried to fuse.


Triple Eye Pig looks like one of the many pigs that live on Piggy Island, but that’s not where he lives. He lives in Piggia, but a common pig is rarer there. This pig has three eyes, all to look around with. The right eye (from his view) is often covered up with an eye-patch.


Triple Eye Pig does not know this power, but Moustache Pig was able to try it on him. Triple Eye Pig was able to have laser eyes, a power that Moustache Pig would only use in times of danger. Triple Eye Pig could shoot 3 laser beams straight from his eyes, onto whatever target he wished, that was in a 1 mile reach.


  • Triple Eye Pig can not become an aqua piggy, as his eyes would become swollen in the water. Furthermore, an aqua piggy colony doesn’t exist near Piggia.
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