The Undead Pork are a group of Zombie Pigs that live in a void a Scientist Piggy created called The Error Hole. The Error Hole is a Void for piggies who have been used as test subjects, and the experiments tested have failed. The Undead Pork are pigs that were made in attempt to scare the birds.


The Undead Pork are all various shades of purple and pink. Their ears are twisted at the top. Their eyes are large, but their pupils are small. Their snout is always dripping with blood.


The Undead Pork have the ability to eat ANYTHING! They just need to stare at it for 5 seconds, and then it becomes healthy to eat. Other pigs who trying to do it after it being stared at, however, will just spontaneously combust.


  • The Singular form of a pig from The Undead Pork is an Undead Piggo.
  • Only 50 pigs from the Undead Pork have been located. They might be the only ones.
  • The first Undead Piggo was blue.
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