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The Techno Triplets are different versions of The Blues, that are like an angrier version of their original counterparts. The Blues can transform into them by entering ‘The Doom-Giving Portal’. The three are called Hypersonic, Ultrasonic and Megasonic.


Megasonic is the bird of few words. He is wearing glasses with lenses the shape of a triangle, rather then an oval or square. He is rarely seen by the flock, but he really likes to work on things and really understands things.


Hypersonic (The one with the hat) speaks to the birds more, and is more eager to show the things that matter to him. However, Matilda thinks he is too focused on himself. Because of this, he sometimes is seen alone with his eyes closed, rethinking his actions.


Ultrasonic is very easily startled, and also very easily angered. With his demon horns, most of the flock fears him. He also keeps a very emotional diary, talking about how he doesn’t fit in the flock. Chuck likes to help Ultrasonic, and cheers him up when necessary.