The Elemental Eagles are 3 clones of Mighty Eagle, all with an elemental power. The three of them can be bought in Angry Birds Classic for £1.99 ($2.59). Their names are The Flaming Eagle, The Drenching Eagle and The Stormy Eagle.

The Flaming EagleEdit

The Flaming Eagle can be summoned by the tuna can that the regular Mighty Eagle has, only spiced up. When this fiery beast crashes down, a trail of fire and ash is spread.

The Drenching EagleEdit

The Drenching Eagle can be summoned by a bottle of holy water. In fact, this Eagle doesn’t launch. He bolts into the middle of the stage and causes a big flood. Pigs on the stage will slowly drown.

The Stormy EagleEdit

The Stormy Eagle can be summoned by a special lightning bolt, struck down on the first ever thunder storm on Earth. When this eagle bolts down into the stage, dark clouds will pull into the sky and 10 strong lightning bolts will wreck havoc on the stage.

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