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The Cavern King is the sixth episode of the show called Angry Birds Odyssey. It involves the birds entering a cave and having an epic battle.


[The boat crashes back onto the island to visit Chuck]

  • Chuck: Hello, Guys!
  • Red: Chuck! We found our friends on the island!
  • Jim: Red rescued us!
  • Chuck: [gasps] The Blues! I’ve missed you! [hugs]
  • Jake: We found a coconut in a tree and started playing with it!
  • Jay: But then Red came to save us!
  • Jim: There was that creepy storm, though.
  • Bomb: But, yet again, we saved you!
  • Matilda: Well, I kinda helped out.
  • Bomb: How?
  • Drill Bird: I was the one moving the boat!
  • Matilda: I helped Red stay calm by keeping him Zen!
  • Red: That’s funny - that didn’t help.
  • Matilda: Oh.

[A horde of Minion Pigs rush past them into a cave]

  • Chuck: Where are they going?
  • Bomb: I dunno. Maybe we should follow them?
  • Jim: Yeah, let’s go.
  • Jay: Let’s see where those wretched piggies are off to!

[Scene cuts to birds running after the pigs and into a cave]

  • Jay: Wow, this cave is dark!
  • Jake: Anyone got a flashlight?

[The whole flock shake their heads]

  • Matilda: Oh.

[the flock fall down a pit]

  • Bomb: AHHHHHHH!

[They crash down finally and King Pig appears]

  • King Pig: Well, well, Well...
  • Red: What Do you want?
  • King Pig: Well, what do YOU want?
  • Jim: I want to get our friends back!
  • Jake: Yeah!
  • King Pig: Well, I have Hal in a cell, but you’ll never get him. You’ll never pass my defences!
  • Red: We could! We have me, Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, Drill Bird and the Blues.
  • Chuck: Well, we should begin the fight!
  • King Pig: Rahhhhhhh!

[Charges into the Blues, crushing them]

  • Jim: Ow.
  • Jake: That hurt.
  • Jay: Help us, Red!
  • Red: Busy right now!

[Red shoots anger waves at King Pig, paralysing him]

  • King Pig: Ow! That hurt!
  • Red: Now for an all out attack! Matilda! Shoot some egg bombs!

[Matilda shoots egg bombs at King Pig]

  • King Pig: Rawr!

[King Pig crushes Chuck]

  • Chuck: No!
  • Red: Come on! Keep going!
  • Chuck: I can’t!
  • Red: No!

[Hal breaks out of his cage and defeats King Pig]


[King Pig falls over]

  • Matilda: We defeated him! Yes!
  • Hal: Hello, Guys!
  • Bomb: Hi, Hal!
  • King Pig: SIKE!

[squashes Red]

  • Red: Ouch! No!
  • Bomb: Looks like I need to E X P L O D E !

[Bomb blows up and defeats King Pig once and for all]

  • Drill Bird: Yes!

[Episode ends with King Pig screaming]


  • Bomb’s explosion at the end has been known to cause a few seizures.