The Aqua Piggies

A pig after a week of being an aqua piggy.
A pig after 3 months of being an aqua piggy.

The Aqua Piggies are a civilisation of pigs that live underwater. The water they live in surrounds Piggy Island. They are very deep in the sea.


The pigs are usually a mix of green and blue, and wear oxygen tanks. However, the piggies that have been there the longest have grown gills and tentacles so they can survive. Apart from that, they still look like a normal pig.


The first Aqua Piggy was just a normal minion pig that wanted to steal the eggs through sea travel. He loved the water at first glance. He loved it so much that he wanted to stay. More pigs learnt about he secret and joined him.


  • A long lost cousin of King Pig is very important in the Aqua Piggy world.
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