Tentacle Head Pig is a type of Aqua Piggy. However, he doesn’t exactly live with the tribe. He lives isolated in the sea. He never wanted to harm birds, but they harmed him back so he became aggressive towards them.


Inside of Tentacle Head Pig’s eyes, his pupils are white. He has perfectly white teeth, but no-one knows how, considering that you can’t brush your teeth underwater. This pig also probably hasn’t heard of a toothbrush, so that is confusing. His most dominant feature when it comes to look is his tentacle that is on his head. He likes to slap people with it.


  • Tentacle Head Pig can slap other people with his large tentacle.
  • Tentacle Head Pig can use the suction cups on his tentacle to stick to large structures. However, his suction cups need to be moisturised before doing this. He’s mostly underwater, so this isn’t an issue.


  • Tentacle Head Pig can eat through his tentacle.
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