Temple Pig is a pig that lives in rocky landscapes. He likes to be serious and will put up a fight with anyone who tries to attack him. Temple Pig is one vicious pig.


Temple Pig’s body shape isn’t a great circle, it has cracks in areas. Temple Pig has two red wings that he can use to fly his little yellow body around temple and towers. Temple Pig has a mouth that usually shows his little blocky teeth. Temple Pig is about the size of the white bird Matilda. This means that he is slightly bigger than your average bird/pig.


  • Temple Pig can fly.
  • Temple Pig can use his temple mind to move bricks.
  • Temple Pig can cause sandstorms. However, this can only be used when near a sandy/dusty structure.
  • Temple Pig can create Brick Claws to knock people out.


  • Temple Pig can be found in cave art. This means that this pig is one of the oldest pigs ever.
  • Temple Pig sometimes can roar like a dinosaur, making his age even more questionable.
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