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Temple Invasion is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It is about the birds entering a temple to find one of their friends.


[episode begins with the four birds walking through a forest when they come across a big pit]

  • Red: Huh, what’s this pit doing here?
  • Bomb: Let’s go around it.
  • Chuck: Good thinking.

[they continue onwards]

  • Matilda: I wouldn’t expect a pit that big to be around here!
  • Red: Must’ve been created by an explosive.
  • Bomb: And I didn’t do it, guys.
  • Red: We know.

[they come across a split path, one path with golden bricks around it]

  • Matilda: Let’s go through the basic path to avoid the pigs.
  • Bomb: Nah, I want to find out why there’s those bricks!
  • Chuck: Bomb’s right!
  • Red: Maybe our friends will be the reason these bricks are here.
  • Matilda: But, why?
  • Red: It’s a possibility!
  • Matilda: Okay then...

[suddenly, Rascal Breeze Pig swoops in]

  • Rascal Breeze Pig: Prepare to be blown away!
  • Red: Not today!
  • Chuck: Let’s get this pesky pig! Matilda!
  • Matilda: Hmm?
  • Chuck: Get him with an egg bomb!
  • Bomb: He could blow it away!

[Matilda shoots an egg bomb, but Rascal Breeze Pig blows it away]

  • Bomb: Told you so.
  • Red: hmph.

[Red shoots anger waves that break the blowing machine]

  • Rascal Breeze Pig: No! You’ll pay for this!
  • Chuck: Time for the finish!

[Chuck dives into the pig and they continue along the path]

  • Red: That was weird.
  • Matilda: Doesn’t matter! He’s over.
  • Chuck: I have a feeling something bad is ahead.
  • Bomb: Why? This path could lead to good luck!

[the four birds arrive at a temple]

  • Chuck: What’s in here?

[The birds enter]

  • Matilda: Why is it so dark in here?
  • Red: I don’t know.

[a horde of minion pigs rush from one side of the room]

  • Chuck: Run! We’re outmatched!
  • Bomb: Ahhhhh!

[the birds arrive at a lower floor]

  • Matilda: Finally! Some torches in here!
  • Red: Phew.
  • Chuck: I hope we don’t get scared again by a horde of minion pigs.
  • Red: Yep. That was frightening, even for me.

[Bomb activates a booby trap, and a pillar falls down]

  • Bomb: Whoops!
  • Matilda: BOMB!
  • Red: Hold on, guys! I think I see another bird ahead!
  • Chuck: That’s Hal!

[The bird turns around]

  • The Bird: I’m not Hal.
  • Chuck, Red, Matilda and Bomb: DRILL BIRD!?
  • Drill Bird: Yep, it’s me.
  • Bomb: We’re trying to get our friends back. Want to help?
  • Drill Bird: Sure. Also, I know a secret way out of the temple. Just follow me!

[the 5 birds enter the secret way, and the episode ends]