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Take Another Dive is the 8th episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It involves the birds building a boat to travel across the sea again.


[Episode begins with the birds walking around]

  • Red: I feel like we’re going around this island many times.
  • Chuck: Yeah...
  • Jim: Is there anything else to do on the island?
  • Bomb: There is. We need to find our friends.
  • Matilda: Bomb is correct.
  • Jake: I guess that’s true...
  • Red: Hal, Do you know anything about the disappearance of Drill Bird?
  • Hal: I think they’re taking him across the sea to a different island.
  • Red: Perfect. We can follow along.
  • Chuck: How? We can’t use the old boat we used to save The Blues!
  • Jay: So, Red.
  • Jim: What do we do?
  • Jake: We need to get Drill Bird back, but how?
  • Red: [gasp] Let’s build another boat!

[Flock cheers]

  • Red: Let’s go.

[a construction montage of the boat building plays]

  • Jim: I can’t wait to find a new friend!
  • Jay: Yeah!
  • Chuck: Well, I need to chop down trees to get wood for the boat.

[Chuck knocks down a massive tree]

  • Bomb: Nice work, Chuck!
  • Matilda: Yeah! Keep it up!
  • Chuck: I will!

[The construction montage continues and after a while, finishes]

  • Red: Okay, here we are. A nice boat.
  • Jim: It’s so big!
  • Jake: And shiny!
  • Matilda: It IS pretty cool.

[a pig appears]

  • Chuck: Ah!
  • Bubbles: Get him!
  • Jim: Bubbles!
  • Jay: Where have you been?
  • Bubbles: Looking for snacks. I ate a few berries in bushes!
  • Jake: Okay. Guess you’ll do anything!
  • Bubbles: Yep! [winks]
  • Red: Back to work! We need to take down this pig!
  • Pig: You’ll never beat me!

[Red lunges in for an attack, but the pig whirls around him and pokes him in the rear with a stick]

  • Red: Arg! That hurt!
  • Pig: Hee hee!
  • Chuck: You’ll pay for this!

[Chuck dives into the pig, defeating it]

  • Jim: Phew!
  • Bubbles: He was easy!
  • Hal: Red! You okay?
  • Red: Kinda.
  • Hal: Okay. If you need help, I’m here.
  • Bomb: But Guys! We finished the boat! We need to get in!
  • Hal: Right! Right.

[The birds enter the boat]

  • Chuck: I wonder what friends we’ll find along the way. I hope we can sail back to Bird Island with all of our friends eventually.

[Episode ends]