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Swirl Pig is another inhabitant of The Error Hole. He is drastically different to other pigs.


First of all, on Swirl Pig’s stomach, there is a big swirl. This is used to hypnotise enemies. It can make them fall asleep. Surprisingly, Swirl Pig has no snout or mouth. This means that the Error Hole is good for him, as you don’t need to eat there. Otherwise, not much can be said about Swirl Pig.


  • Swirl Pig can hypnotise people with the coil on his chest.
  • Swirl Pig comes equipped oddly with a knife. This can be used for stabbing, or could be used for cooking.


  • Swirl Pig is actually an intelligent pig. When he found out about his hypnotising powers, he did some studying and now is very confident on the subject. He also likes researching History.
  • A mindless clone was made of Swirl Pig somehow in The Error Hole. This mindless clone says that Angry Piggy is his creator, although this isn’t true.