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Superpower potion is a power up. Not only can it be used more than once per level, it can be used more than once per bird. In fact, THREE TIMES! The effects of the potion don't apply to the next bird and you need more potions to power that bird up.



  1. Red now sends anger waves 125% stronger than the ones from Angry Birds 2 to were you taped.
  2. Along with being able to shoot anger waves, he can shatter nearby ice too.
  3. Red's anger waves become longer with extreme force while his ice shattering ability now has more range.


  1. Chuck gains extreme speed.
  2. Chuck now does karate spins upon impact with an object.
  3. Chuck dashes and spins even faster.

The Blues

  1. They now split into three birds and six tennis balls.
  2. The Blues now swing their yo-yos.
  3. The tennis balls are now extremely bouncy and the Blues' yo-yos have more range


  1. Bomb's explosion gains a lot of range.
  2. Bomb's explosion splatters ice-cream everywhere turning it into ice if clumped together enough.
  3. The ice-cream Bomb splatters can be less clumped for freezing. Bomb's explosion now has even more range.


  1. Matilda's egg does more damage.
  2. Matilda can now sing songs to weaken pigs.
  3. Matilda now lays three eggs and her singing becomes stronger.


  1. Gains even more speed when boomeranging back.
  2. can now boomerang back twice.
  3. Hal gains even more speed and can boomerang back three times causing slight winds.


  1. 200% stronger.
  2. 400% stronger.
  3. 600% stronger and can now fall like Tony.


  1. Inflates even further out.
  2. Now shoots out candy.
  3. Candy can have several effects. Bubbles throws even more candy and gains more inflation range.


  1. Blows more bubbles that are stronger.
  2. Now locks in target (like in Angry Birds Stella) too.
  3. goes faster, blows more and more stronger bubbles within more range,


  1. Does a more powerful smash.
  2. Loops with more strength and range.
  3. Loops enough times to create a vortex.

Mighty Eagle (Potion applied to sardine can)

  1. 200% Larger.
  2. 200% Stronger.
  3. 1,000% Larger and Stronger.


  1. 200% Stronger.
  2. 500% Stronger.
  3. 800% Stronger.
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