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Super Smash Birds is the biggest Angry Birds game yet! It is a fighting game where you can choose a bird or a pig, and battle. There are many characters for you to choose from, but you only start with a few.


The gameplay is very similar to that of the Super Smash Bros series. There are the normal and special attacks, and of course the final smash. After doing a couple of matches, you can fight a character and beat them to unlock them!



Photos are pictures that can be obtained by doing certain quests, such as using a Final Smash as a certain character or winning against hard CPUs. Some are easy to obtain, while others are near impossible and a good challenge.


There are a couple of stages for you to play. There are not as many as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, though.

  • Bird Island
  • Feathinia Streets
  • Piggy Island
  • King Pig’s Castle
  • Mighty Eagle’s Cave
  • Iggy’s Pirate Ship (Credit to SweetSquidTea)
  • Danger Above Skies
  • Aqua Piggy Seas
  • Piggy Mines
  • Planet Owarin
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