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Super Lucy is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Hearts's first season. It involves Lucy dressing up as a superhero, and the flock looking up to her.


[Lucy walks around the mountains of Bird Island, only to come across a superhero costume]

  • Lucy: What's this?

[she puts it on]

  • Lucy: Wow. This is nice!

[Lucy approaches The Blues]

  • Jim: Look!
  • Jake: Is that?
  • Jay: Superbird! It's so nice to meet you!
  • Lucy: [playing along with the idea] Hello, birds. Would you like to defeat the pigs with me?
  • Jay: Hell yeah!
  • Jim: Let's go!
  • Jake: This is the best day of my entire life!

[The Blues and Lucy run off, when Red and Bomb appear]

  • Red: Wow. Lucy's really making them happy.
  • Bomb: It's Superbird!
  • Red: Bomb, that's Lucy.
  • Bomb: No it isn't! It's Superbird!
  • Red: BOMB, that's just Lucy in a Superbird costume. It isn't actually him.
  • Bomb: Really? I need to tell The Blues!
  • Red: Don't. They're only little.

[Bomb is already gone]

  • Red: Drat.

[Scene cuts to The Blues and Lucy fighting pigs]

  • Minion Pig: You shall never defeat me!
  • Jim: Oh really? [tackles the pig]
  • Lucy: Nice work, Jay.
  • Jim: I'm not Jay!
  • Lucy: Oh, sorry.
  • Helmet Pig: [appears] so you were the ones troublemaking.
  • Jake: Woo-hoo!
  • Jim: In we go for the kill!

[Helmet Pig is defeated, but a pole falls on Lucy and her costume is torn]

  • Jay: Lucy?
  • Jim: You were Superbird?
  • Lucy: Yep. Please don't cry.
  • Jake: We're not crying! Lucy, you were so strong!
  • Jay: GO LUCY!
  • Bomb: [arrives] Jim! Jake! Jay! Superbird is actually Lucy.
  • Jay: We know.
  • Bomb: Oh.
  • Jay: It was so fun playing with her, though!
  • Jim: Yeah!
  • Red: [follows along] Thanks for making them happy, Lucy.
  • Jake: Hey! We should all team up to take down the pigs!
  • Lucy: Great idea.
  • Red: Well, LET’S GET ANGRY!
  • Bomb: Yeah!
  • Lucy: YEAH!
  • Jim: Wait, I need a drink. Fighting pigs is thirsty work! [pulls out bottle]

[episode ends with Jim slurping loudly]