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Splatted Birds is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves Red Bird getting covered in green paint.


  • Jay: Ok, when Red comes, let’s tip the paint can!
  • Jim: Hehe!
  • Jake: The moment will be priceless!
  • Jay: Okay, quiet. He might be coming now.
  • Jake: [looks down] He’s not coming yet.
  • Jim: No, he is!
  • Jake: He isn’t!
  • Jim: [raises voice] IS!
  • Jake: [raises voice louder] ISN’T!
  • Red: Doo-doo-doo-dey-doo..
  • Jay: [whisper] shhh! Tip the paint can!
  • Red: Who said that? [gets covered in green paint] Ahhh!
  • Jake: Hehehehe!
  • Jim: Hahahaha!
  • Red: [shoots anger waves] I’LL GET WHOEVER DID THIS BACK!
  • Jake: [gulps] We’re In for it, guys.

[scene cuts to the rest of the flock seeing Red]

  • Chuck: Hal! Why is your beak so small?
  • Lucy: He’s not Hal!
  • Red: Uhh, uhh, y’know, I was fighting the pigs and my beak got stuck in a wall!
  • Chuck: Ouch!
  • Bomb: Anyways, Hal! Wanna go for a swim?
  • Chuck: I’ll join!
  • Red: Yeah. Why not? [turns to Lucy in secret and winks]

[scene cuts to Chuck in a river]

  • Chuck: This river is awesome!
  • Bomb: I’m going to get in! Hooray! [jumps in]
  • Red: uhh, me too! [jumps in and paint comes off]
  • Chuck: Red! You were Hal?
  • Red: Well, it’s a long story.
  • Hal: Wait - I’m Hal!
  • Lucy: Well, I told ya. Hal is indeed Red.
  • Chuck: Sorry for doubting you!
  • Lucy: It’s fine.