Splash Time is the fifteenth episode of the show called Angry Birds Hearts. It involves the birds playing in the sea at summertime.


[The Blues are walking around a hill]

  • Jim: I’m so hot...
  • Jay: And bored...
  • Jim: That too...
  • Jake: I wish there was something to do.
  • Jim: I know, right?
  • Jake: Let’s see if Chuck wants to do anything mildly interesting.

[The Blues stagger over to Chuck]

  • Jay: Hey, Chuck.
  • Chuck: Ay! The Blues! What’s up?
  • Jim: Nothing. We’re bored.
  • Jay: And we’re hot!
  • Chuck: Well, there IS something we can do!
  • Jake: Like What?
  • Chuck: Let’s go down to the seafront of the island!
  • Jay: Where’s that?
  • Chuck: Follow me!
  • Jim: Just don’t run.
  • Chuck: Too bad! Hahaha!

[After a whole of chasing Chuck, they arrive at the beach]

  • Jake: Woah!
  • Jim: This’ll cool us down.

[Lucy Love arrives]

  • Lucy: Oh, look at you guys! You wanna play with some WATER GUNS!?
  • Jim: OH YES!
  • Jake: YES!
  • Jay: YES PLEASE!
  • Lucy: Here you go.

[Lucy gives them all a water gun]

  • Chuck: This means War!
  • Jim: Let’s fight!

[Jim squirts water at Jake]

  • Jake: Grrr!
  • Jay: Tee hee!

[Jay squirts water at Jake and Jim]

  • Jim: Oi!
  • Jake: Hey!

[Jake squirts back at Jim]

  • Jim: Eek! Tee-hee!
  • Jake: This is so fun!
  • Jim: I know, right?

[Chuck enters the sea]

  • Chuck: I’ve got my weapon - SPLASHING!
  • Jim: No!
  • Jake: No splashing!
  • Chuck: I have to fight somehow!

[Chuck splashes Jim, Jake and Jay]

  • Jim: Let’s fight back!
  • Jake: Here we go!
  • Jay: Get your guns loaded!
  • Lucy: It’s so fun to watch them.

[Jim, Jake and Jay all spray water at Chuck]

  • Chuck: No! Haha Haha!
  • Lucy: Chuck, doing this was such a good idea!
  • Chuck: I know, right?
  • Lucy: Anyways, I’m going to get a sandwich. See ya!
  • Chuck: Bye!

[Episode ends]

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