Spido is a bird with a pretty bad reputation on Feathinia, but also Booma’s best friend. He is a bird with spider legs, that have little sacks of poison on the ends.


Spido has dark green stripes going down his body, and the rest is green. He has four menacing spider legs that have sacks of poison on the ends. These can’t kill anyone, though. Once he bursted one, and it only made a Feathinia citizen ill for 2 days. He has spiky hair and a big beak.

Game AppearancesEdit

Spido is planned to be added in Angry Birds Boom! as an unlockable character once you’ve finished the game.


Spido’s main power is to trap the pigs in a web. This is good for flying pigs, as it can pin them down and make them easy to pop.


  • The flock have heard about Spido, and they don’t like him.
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