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Slingshot Time is the first episode in Angry Birds Hearts, a new series made by Rovio. This episode involves Heart Bird (or Lucy Love) building slingshots for the birds.


[Episode begins with Lucy in the Bird Streets, looking at Bomb]

  • Lucy: Oh, Bomb is so lovely today... Just look at him!
  • Chuck: *budges in* What you talking about? *raises eyebrows frantically*
  • Lucy: N-nothing.
  • Bomb: *hops over to Lucy* Lucy! We need you to build slingshots to help us take down the pigs!
  • Lucy: R-really? Me?
  • Chuck: Ha, is this a world war or something? Y’know, the women worked in factories?
  • Lucy: *Hits Chuck* Knock it off! Anyways, time for work.

[Scene changes to Lucy with chopped-down trees]

  • Lucy: Okay, I wanna try something different! That will help the birds win! *builds a Stringshot* There we go!

[Scene cuts to Red using it]

  • Red: Ahhh! Who made this and how does it work?
  • Lucy: *blushes as Chuck looks over to her* M-m-me. You attach yourself to the-

[Scene cuts to Lucy working again]

  • Lucy: What if I build a slingshot that can shoot them really far? That will work!

[Scene cuts to Red- you get the idea]

  • Red: Okay, something normal. *slings*
  • Chuck: You missed the pigs!
  • Red: *faint sounds* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

[Final shot of Lucy working]

  • Lucy: What if two birds can sling in one slingshot? That would be good!
  • [Scene cuts to final attempt to beat pigs]
  • Chuck: Hey! Two birds in one! What do you think, Red?
  • Red: Woah! Good idea! Let’s use it!
  • Chuck: *slings* Wohooooooooo! *crashes*
  • Red: *slings* Yahaaaaaaa! *crashes*
  • Pigs: Oh no! *pop*

[Cuts back to the working area]

  • Lucy: Bomb, how did I do?
  • Bomb: Amazing!
  • Lucy: Really? Awwww....
  • Bomb: You won it for us by using your imagination!