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Skeleton Pig
Skeleton Pig.png
General Info
Powers Resurrecting (reviving) 15 seconds after death
First Level Appearance: ?
Gender: Male
Species: Pig (Sus)
Locations: Hallowe'en levels
Strength: Weak-Medium
Size: Large

Skeleton Pig is yet, another pig in the Angry Birds games.


Skeleton Pig is a white colored pig with empty eye sockets and no eyebrows. He has a crack on his left eye, bones for ears and his mouth is now two jaws with rounded teeth.


If he is popped, he will turn into a pile of bones rather than disappearing. If this pile is left alone for 15 seconds, it will turn back into a normal Skeleton Pig. This will repeat over and over again. The only way to complete a level with at least one Skeleton Pig in it is to to quickly defeat all the other pigs once the Skeleton Pig(s) are/is knocked out.


  • If he revives, 5,000 points will be subtracted from your score.
  • He and his ability was inspired by Dry Bones from the Super Mario franchise.
  • He was created to celebrate Hallowe'en 2018.