Shy Pig is the shyest pig on Piggy Island. He runs away from the birds when they get too close.

Shy Pig
General Info
Powers Running away if a bird gets too close to him
First Level Appearance: ?
Gender: Male
Species: Pig (Sus)
Locations: Piggy Island
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium


Shy Pig looks like a regular pig, however with a constantly surprised face, worried for when the birds strike.


Shy Pig’s ability allows him to run away from birds when they get close. This often makes him tricky to hit. If you aim high, Shy Pig won’t notice, and you can hit him from above.

List Of FearsEdit

  • Crossing a road
  • Toasters
  • The flock
  • Washing Machines
  • Doors
  • Plastic


  • Because of all of his fears, he is like Woody from BFDI.
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