Sea Travels

Sea Travels is the fifth episode of a show called Angry Birds Odyssey. It involves Red, Matilda, Bomb, Chuck and Rocky going to a smaller island.


[Episode begins with the birds outside of a temple]

  • Red: Okay, we’re out.
  • Chuck: It was weird in there!
  • Drill Bird: Imagine how I felt. I’ve been in there for a long time!
  • Chuck: Wow!
  • Bomb: Guys! Look!
  • Matilda: What did you find?
  • Bomb: A boat! There’s also a slightly smaller island up ahead.
  • Matilda: Let’s get on.
  • Bomb: Wait! There’s only room for four of us.
  • Red: Chuck, can you stay here? We’ll look on the island for birds, and then we’ll come back.
  • Chuck: Yep!
  • Drill Bird: Okay, let’s go.

[Red, Matilda, Bomb and Drill Bird drift away]

  • Drill Bird: It’s quiet. Too quiet.
  • Red: We’re sailing across the sea. Of course it’ll be.
  • Drill Bird: Oh, oops.

[an Aqua Piggy appears]

  • Aqua Piggy: Hahaha! I’m going to rip your boat apart!
  • Matilda: Oh no you don’t!
  • Red: Drop an egg bomb to make the boat go faster! We can get away!
  • Matilda: Okay!

[Matilda drops an egg bomb, drifting the boat swiftly away]

  • Drill Bird: Bye-bye, Water Piggy!
  • Aqua Piggy: It’s AQUA PIG!
  • Drill Bird: Whatever. Loser either way! [chuckling]

[the clouds in the sky turn black]

  • Bomb: Uh oh.
  • Matilda: A storm is ahead!
  • Drill Bird: I’ll use my drill to go faster!
  • Red: Do it!
  • Drill Bird: Okay, jeez.
  • Red: JUST DO IT!

[Drill Bird spins his drill to go faster]

  • Matilda: Aha!
  • Bomb: I think we’re getting close to the island.

[a thunderbolt strikes the sea]

  • Bomb: Ahhhhhh!
  • Red: Watch out!
  • Drill Bird: Can I stop doing this? My beak’s getting sore.
  • Red: Okay, fine.
  • Matilda: Red! You’re getting grouchy! Just, zen...
  • Bomb: Yeah. Chill!
  • Red: Okay, I guess.

[The thunderbolts get more intense]

  • Matilda: Zen....
  • Drill Bird: AHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Matilda: Guys! The storm could stop soon!
  • Matilda: You don’t know!
  • Matilda: Oh, right.

[The Storm subsides]

  • Bomb: Yes! The dreadful, horrible, vile storm has ended!
  • Drill Bird: You really hated it, didn’t you?
  • Bomb: Yeah.

[The birds arrive on the island]

  • Red: Land ho!
  • Matilda: Wait, is that...

[The Blues appear]

  • Jim: Hello!
  • Jake: Are you rescuing us?
  • Jay: It’s a miracle!
  • Bomb: Come on this boat. Since you’re small, you can fit on.
  • Red: Let’s go!
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