Sea Bird is a bird in Angry Birds 3 that can effect the tides of certain levels. His flock name is Surfer.


Surfer (or Sea Bird) is a little blue bird, about the size of The Blues. He looks like a drop of water, relating to the fact his ability is water-based. His eyebrows aren’t as big as Red’s, but he still has them.


In some levels of Angry Birds 3, there is water. When tapped, Surfer can affect that water and sometimes make waves to drench the level. Along with that, he can shoot beams of water forwards.


  • This bird was born in a soaked egg, which is how he got his powers.
  • Surfer makes people believe he was born from Space on a planet with cool water physics (The water just kinda flies).
  • Surfer is good friends with The Blues and occasionally criticises Matilda.

Other FormsEdit

When Surfer is in space, he changes drastically. His colour changes from blue to orange, and gets new orange stripes. This looks like a shrimp, and the flock make fun of him, calling him ‘Shrimpy Boy’. That’s not all! He also has a mask, similar to the one red has when going into space.


Space Form

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