RoBird is a Robot Bird that helps the birds when pigs are coming. His creator is currently unknown (nobody has ever found any evidence about his creation, but Bomb has a gut feeling that he was created by a person that was not a bird nor pig). Lots of people respect him because of his many useful features.


RoBird’s body is in the shape of a box. This box is grey with brown sides. He has green glowing eyes and a robotic beak. He has an antenna that has a star-shaped tip.


  • He can charge up power and smash through structures. Sparks fly off of him, damaging others.
  • He can shoot small lasers from his antenna. He uses this to stop invaders of Feathinia.
  • He flaps up his brown sides to reveal a jetpack. This is how he flies. However, it can run out of fuel very quickly.
  • He can switch his body to a spiky one and spin around. This is useful for taking out several pigs.

RoBird using a laser.


RoBird Flying.


  • RoBird was going to be sold for £800, but he refused.
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