Rampage For The Cake is the 8th episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves Lucy baking a cake, and then the birds fight over it.


[scene cuts to the birds noticing Lucy coming with a cake hidden under a big dome]

  • Lucy: Birdies! I have a cake for you!
  • Chuck: A cake? Wow!
  • Lucy: It’s for you to-
  • Chuck: I’m gonna eat the whole thing! [dashes over]
  • Lucy: [frowns] -share.
  • Red: I deserve that cake! I am the leader!
  • Bomb: Since when did the leader get those rights? [Cake lands in Bomb’s reach]
  • Lucy: You’ve got it all wrong!
  • Chuck: How!?
  • Lucy: You’re supposed to share this!
  • Chuck: Pfft. Sharing is for losers.
  • Red: No! You don’t deserve the cake if you think that!
  • Chuck: Then SHARE WITH ME!!!
  • Red: NO!!!
  • Lucy: Oh dear. Guys! Just share the cake!
  • Bomb: Hahaha! Under the dome is my suprise- [the big dome falls off and reveals nothing]
  • Chuck: There was no cake?
  • Lucy: How could this happen?
  • Red: Oh no!

[scene cuts to The Blues eating the cake]

  • Jay: Oh this is great!
  • Jim: Lucy will never find us either!
  • Jake: It’s foolproof!
  • Lucy: [appears behind them] ahem?
  • Jim: oops.
  • Lucy: Hand it over!
  • Jake: Okay, if you want it! [tosses cake into Lucy’s face]
  • Lucy: Arghh! It’s in my face!

[episode ends with The Blues laughing at Lucy]

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