RC Pig
General Info
Powers Shoots carrots at incoming birds
First Level Appearance: The Thanksgiving event
Gender: Unknown
Species: Pig (sus)
Locations: The Thanksgiving event only
Strength: Weak
Size: Small

The RC Pig is a pig that appears in Angry Birds: Bubbles in the Thanksgiving event. The pig uses it's RC tank to shoot down incoming birds. He is exclusive to the Thanksgiving event.

Strategy Edit

Treat him as a harder firefighter/snowball pig. His carrot missiles are slower than snowballs, but will track the bird. Because of this, if he is near be wary, as he can stop your bird quickly. Aim your birds higher to dodge the projectiles.

Trivia Edit

  • His RC tank looks to be based on a $5 RC tank the creator found at Five Below.
  • Despite being in the Thanksgiving event, he has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.
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