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Pumpkin Bird is a bird created by ButterBlaziken230.


Pumpkin Bird is a bird that is a pumpkin, if that couldn’t already be inferred by his name. Pumpkin Bird has a face like a pumpkin used in Halloween; he has triangular eyes and would usually have a jagged mouth, but since he’s a bird, he has a beak instead. On the sides of him are two skinny orange arms. Pumpkin Bird has a leafy part on his head, too.


Pumpkin Bird, since he borrows many traits from Halloween culture, scares people as his power. The traditional way of doing this is by sneaking up on a pig and giving them and unpleasant shock. Because of this, he was going to have a Hal-like ability in the Slingshot games. However, this was changed to him growing in size and screaming, killing any pigs nearby.


  • This bird was originally going to not have arms.