Prismie is a purple triangular bird, and is a Mighty Bird. He has the power to shoot hot balls of plasma that can electrocute the target. He was first seen atop a rocky cliff to the north of Feathinia.


Prismie’s body is in the shape of a triangle, only stretched out. The colour of his body is purple, with a tan belly below. He has dark patches under his eyes, and below them is a shiny yellow beak. Prismie, like other Mighty Birds, is very big. Prismie is about the size of 3 Terrences, making him one of the smaller Mighty Birds.

Game AppearancesEdit

  • Prismie might be playable in other upcoming games, such as a Super Smash Bros game with characters from the Angry Birds Universe.


Prismie’s Power in slingshot games is to generate hot balls of plasma, and drop them like an egg bomb. In Angry Birds Mining, he can turn his tool into a plasma form, granting higher stats.


  • There are another 4 Mighty Birds just like him.
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