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Piggy Robot is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves the pigs making robots to infiltrate Bird Island.


[Scene cuts to the Evil Red Robot greeting the birds in the morning]

  • Evil Red Robot: Good morning, Heart Bird.
  • Lucy: Hold on, you’d never call me Heart Bird!
  • Evil Red Robot: Well, I want to today.
  • Lucy: You would’ve blinked then, but you can’t!
  • Chuck: You’re not Red! ATTACK! [Lucy and Chuck beat Evil Red Robot to death]

[scene cuts to the pigs noticing the robot’s demise]

  • Tester Pig: Sir, the radar on the Robot has been destroyed!
  • Foreman Pig: Drat! The birds knew it was a fake!
  • Tester Pig: What ever now?
  • Helmet Pig: ATTENTION! I have made a new Mech Suit that us 3 can use to defeat the birds. Tester Pig, you control the arms. Foreman Pig, you control the arms.
  • Foreman Pig: What about you?
  • Helmet Pig: I’ll control the head!
  • King Pig: [enters] Sounds swell! Another piggy slave was pumping it up with fuel, so it should be good to go!

[scene cuts to the birds seeing the mech in the distance]

  • Jay: Woah!
  • Jim: A cool new friend!
  • Red: [looks over to the three] that isn’t your friend. It’s the pigs.
  • Jake: Is it?
  • Chuck: It’s green! Everything about the pigs is green!
  • Jim: Oh no! The pigs are gonna steal the eggs!
  • Jake: Yeah!
  • Lucy: Calm down. I have a solution. [runs towards mech]
  • Chuck: Lucy! No!
  • Lucy: I have a plan!

[scene cuts to Lucy at the back of the mech]

  • Lucy: If I climb up into Helmet Pig’s Area, I can turn the system off! [climbs atop a leg and then an arm]
  • Mech: Hello, birdies. Wanna have some FUN?
  • Jim: Yeah! Fun!
  • Red: He doesn’t want fun.
  • Mech: Well how about I- [Mech falls and dies]
  • Lucy: There we go! I turned it off!
  • Chuck: How did you do that?
  • Lucy: Magic...