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Palace In The Sand is the tenth episode of Angry Birds Odyssey’s first season. It is a big episode, filled with lots of action, seeing as it IS the tenth episode. That’s a milestone.


[The birds are walking around and come across a second temple]

  • Red: Another temple?
  • Jim: Let’s avoid it!
  • Red: No!
  • Chuck: We’re going in. Drill Bird could be in there.
  • Red: That’s why I want to go in.
  • Bubbles: Well, what are we waiting for?
  • Bomb: Nothing! Let’s go in!

[The birds enter the temple]

  • Jake: What’s in here?
  • Jay: Is that a pig over there?

[The Pig is Temple Pig]

  • Temple Pig: It’s me!
  • Red: Well, Who are you?
  • Temple Pig: I’m Temple Pig. I witnessed your trials of going through the Temple of Acred Island. Pathetic. You’ll be no match for me!
  • Red: You think? We’re the almighty flock! You can’t be-

[Temple Pig lunges at Red, knocking him out]

  • Hal: Gah!
  • Matilda: Red! No!
  • Red: Go without me. You can do this.
  • Matilda: Really?
  • Bomb: Yes we can! Have some self-esteem!
  • Matilda: Okay, I guess.

[Temple Pig throws bricks at The Blues. Jake and Jay get crushed, but Jim survives]

  • Jim: Phew!
  • Jake: Ouch!
  • Jay: No!
  • Jim: I’ll save you later, bros.
  • Jake: Thanks.

[Temple Pig throws a brick at Jim, knocking HIM down]

  • Jim: No!
  • Jay: We’re all down...
  • Jake: We really need Red.

[Chuck attacks Temple Pig and knocks him over]

  • Chuck: Now’s our chance! Bomb!
  • Bomb: You want me to explode?
  • Chuck: Go ahead, buddy.

[Bomb explodes, dealing a lot of damage to Temple Pig]

  • Temple Pig: Gah!
  • Chuck: Who’s awesome now?
  • Hal: We are!
  • Bubbles: Yep!

[Bubbles helps Jim, Jake and Jay back up so they can fight again]

  • Jim: Oh my gosh!
  • Bubbles: No need to thank me.
  • Jay: We still will, though.
  • Bubbles: I said, no need.

[Bubbles and The Blues laugh a lot]

  • Hal: You lot! Back into the fighting spirit! Temple Pig isn’t done yet.
  • Bubbles: Okay! Jeez.
  • Temple Pig: You may have won that round, but you, as a team, are really disorganised.

[Red gets back up]

  • Red: I’ll make you eat those words.
  • Chuck: Red! You’re back!
  • Red: Temple Pig, get close to me and I’ll break your head open.
  • Matilda: Oof!
  • Bubbles: You threaten him, Red!
  • Temple Pig: I’ll come beat you up, since no real bird can hurt me!

[Temple Pig shoots bricks at Red, but he dodges]

  • Red: Haha!

[Red shoots anger waves at Temple Pig, paralysing him]

  • Red: Okay Guys! Time for an all out attack!
  • Hal: Let’s DO THIS!!!

[All of the birds attack Temple Pig fiercely]

  • Temple Pig: No!!
  • Chuck: The. End.