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One Lovey Dove is the twelfth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves Lucy finding a way to make the birds of the flock fall in love with eachother.


[scene cuts to Chuck running around]

  • Chuck: Hahahahahaha! Running! [zooms past Bomb and Lucy chatting]
  • Chuck: Bomb and Lucy chatting? I want to chat too!

[scene cuts to Lucy, Bomb and Chuck]

  • Lucy: Chuck, you’re back.
  • Bomb: Don’t start another bread war!
  • Chuck: Fine!
  • Lucy: “Fine!”? That was all on you!
  • Bomb: True that!
  • Lucy: I think me and Bomb are the smartest!
  • Bomb: Yeah! Let’s just go find something else to do.
  • Chuck: I’m still here!
  • Lucy: Whatever!

[scene cuts to Lucy resting behind a tree]

  • Lucy: He loves me. He really is into me. This is awesome! Look at him, Bombio, Lovio, me! [puff of smoke appears] Huh.

[scene cuts to Bomb looking over to Lucy]

  • Bomb: Lucy! The apple of my eye!
  • Lucy: Oh, hi!
  • Bomb: You’re looking SO nice today!
  • Red: Something’s fishy...
  • Bomb: The only thing that’s fishy is Lucy’s excellence! It’s amazing!
  • Red: Yeah, just that.
  • Lucy: I’m on your side. Why is Bomb SO into me?
  • Chuck: Bomb, what’s up?
  • Bomb: What’s up is Lucy’s look! She’s awesome!
  • Lucy: Bomb, stop.
  • Red: I think I know how to stop Bomb!

[scene cuts to Red and Lucy with books]

  • Red: I think he’s on a spell!
  • Lucy: How do I stop him?
  • Red: Say that you’ll leave him!
  • Lucy: Really? Okay.

[scene cuts to Lucy and Bomb looking at eachother]

  • Lucy: Bomb, I’m leaving you.
  • Bomb: WHAAAAAAAAT? [spell wears off]
  • Red: Nice one, Lucy!
  • Lucy: I hate my beak for saying that...