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New Super Angry Birds. is a game made for the Nintendo Switch launched on an unknown date. It has 4 playable characters, Mario, Luigi, Red, and Chuck. It was developed by Rovio and Nintendo.


Finally, after several years, Mario and Luigi finally take a vacation. Meanwhile, scientist pig is working on a portal and it goes haywire, causing Red, Chuck, Bomb, Jay, Jim, Jake, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Bubbles and Stella to be teleported to the Super Mario Universe. Mario takes them back to Princess Peach and she studies them and the eggs. Suddenly a huge Koopa cruiser appears out of nowhere and takes Peach and the eggs starting the game.


Each world has two bosses, with a mid-boss, and a main boss.





Cobalt Plateaus A huge grassy plain with small vegetation and lots of Pigs. Piggy Corporal, Giant Koopa Troopa
Dry Piggy Desert A small, yet expansive desert with little to no vegetation and not that many pigs. Boom Boom, Angered Al
Cold-Warm Forest A large forest with icebergs and rolling hills. Lemmy Koopa, and Boss Sumo Bro 
Nesting Grounds An abandoned savanna with little shrubbery and dangerous outlaws. Titanic Galoomba, and Iggy Koopa
Eggchanted Woods A small bamboo forest with tons of trees/bamboo and Galoombas! Morton Koopa, and Helmet Pig
Piggy Beach A large beach with pigs. Bashing Bill, and Wendy O. Koopa

(And more on the way!)