Neo is a bird included in a random set of games (you can use him anytime) who is in pretty much every stage in the game.

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Normal Neo

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Astro Neo (Space Neo)

Mechanics (His Power) Edit

Neo has a unique power that affects things depending on what they are, Neo releases a radioactive light that burns blocks and if it is wood, it will quickly burn (Including Dreadwood), glass won't be affected too quickly but will melt. Stone just gets weaker.

In his space version he releases out fire and can instantly eradicate wood.

Base Information Edit

Size Edit

Stella size

Strength Edit

Nearby Terrance but ÷1.3 of terrance specifically.

Bird Type Edit


Ability Edit

Radiating Light

Eye Colour Edit


Shape Edit

Curved Pentagon

Outline Colour Edit


Feather Shape Edit

Peacock Shaped, 4 of them.

Main colours Edit

Blue/Yellowish Orange

Beak Shape Edit

Slightly Curved

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About to use ability (Space)

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About to use ability

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