Quotation1 I’m a master of disguise! Quotation2
— Mimic Pig

Mimic Pig is a citizen of Piggy Island. He has costumes of nearly all the flock (missing Silver’s) that he uses to mimic the birds. That is his special power.


The picture above has a picture of Mimic Pig when he has half of Red’s costume on. When he has no costume, he is just an ordinary pig, just with a scar near his nose. When he is in costume, he looks like the bird he is imitating, only with a small hole for his nose, giving it away.


Mimic Pig has the power of copying a bird’s voice, too. In the early days of his costumes, he had to imitate voices. Now, Moustache Pig has been working on giving him the ability to copy a bird’s voice.


  • The scar he has is from when he put on a costume and slept with it on.
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