Matilda’s Super Spell is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves Matilda causing havoc, using a spell she had learnt.


[scene cuts to Matilda seeing an old wand]

  • Matilda: Oh! A wand! I wonder what I could do with this!
  • Chuck: [zooms over] A wand? Where?
  • Matilda: It’s just right here. [holds it up]
  • Chuck: Let’s take it so the others can see it!
  • Matilda: It could be dangerous!
  • Chuck: Don’t be such a scaredy cat.
  • Matilda: Okay, okay! Let’s go.

[scene cuts to the flock noticing Matilda’s wand]

  • Jim: woah! A real wand!
  • Jake: Do a spell!
  • Jay: Yeah! It’s not a wand if it can’t do magic.
  • Matilda: Okay. Summono, objectio, apple! [apple appears]
  • Jim: Wow!
  • Lucy: [comes over] we’re you casting a spell?
  • Matilda: Yes, I was!
  • Lucy: Can I have a go? I think I could cast a spell.
  • Matilda: No way! This is only for the professionals.
  • Lucy: Grrr!

[scene cuts to night]

  • Lucy: [whisper] I can take the wand from her! [snatches and runs]

[scene cuts to day]

  • Chuck: Good morning, flock!
  • Matilda: MY WAND!
  • Chuck: You lost it? Look outside where you were doing spells.
  • Matilda: Okay!

[scene cuts to Matilda there]

  • Matilda: Where is it?
  • Lucy: [appears with wand] Turni, Froggi, Matilda! [turns Matilda into a frog]
  • Matilda: grrrr! Teleporten, wanden to me! [wand flies to Matilda]
  • Lucy: Come on!
  • Matilda: Unturnith, Matilda! [Matilda returns to her original form]
  • Lucy: Hate to admit it, but you’re good with that thing!
  • Matilda: Am I?
  • Chuck: Lucy’s right! You should keep the wand, but use it for good reasons!
  • Lucy: Chuck’s right too.
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