Matilda’s Fear is the fifth episode of Angry Birds Hearts’ first season. It involves the flock trying to find Matilda’s fear, with the help of Lucy Love.


[Episode begins with Matilda on a tall log and the rest sitting down]

  • Matilda: While you’ve been causing mayhem, I’ve faced my fears!
  • Lucy: So THAT’S why you haven’t been here.
  • Matilda: Yep. Try and scare me and you’ll fail.
  • Chuck: Good idea! Let’s do that!
  • Matilda: Come on! I didn’t mean NOW!
  • Lucy: What? Someone’s faking their bravery?
  • Red: Oooo!
  • Bomb: Nice one, Lucy! [Winks and Lucy blushes]
  • Chuck: How about this spider? [pulls out a big spider]
  • Matilda: [long pause] oh hello, Mr Spider! Your legs are looking fine today!
  • Lucy: Huh.

[cuts to scene of Lucy looking through an abandoned house]

  • Lucy: This is where we found a box some time ago.
  • Bomb: Yeah...
  • Lucy: O-Oh look! A c-creepy doll! I DON’T LIKE IT! BOMB, TAKE IT!
  • Bomb: Okay...

[scene cuts to Matilda looking at the creepy doll]

  • Matilda: Aww, look at the little baby! He needs to sleep!
  • Chuck: [gulps] I give up, time to get a drink.
  • Red: Me too. [follows Chuck quietly]
  • Chuck: [comes back with a glass of strawberry juice] Guys, I’m back!
  • Matilda: [gasps] b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b...
  • Lucy: Uhh, What is it?
  • Matilda: b-b-b-bLOOD! AAAAAAAAHHH! [runs]
  • Bomb: We did it! We cracked her secret!
  • Red: Yeah!
  • Lucy: Guess she isn’t fearless.
  • Chuck: Matilda! It’s just a drink!
  • Matilda: [shaking] a drink of blood! That’s what it is!
  • Chuck: Try it! Come on!
  • Matilda: [takes a sip] oooh, that’s pretty good.
  • Red: So, we solved her fear!
  • Matilda: THAT MEANS I’M A VAMPIRE! AAAAAAAHHH! [runs away again]
  • Lucy: Well, we tried.
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