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Magic Bird is a bird that hasn’t appeared in any Angry Birds games, but made a brief cameo in Angry Birds Toons. He is a star-shaped bird with the ability to do magic.


Magic Bird is in the shape of a star, and has purple and white stripes on him. Each point on his star controls his senses. He has a tiny beak, but huge eyebrows.


Magic Bird was going to try out some magic tricks when he heard that Hogwarts was overrun by pigs, because of the ‘Hog’ at the beginning. Using his skills, he took out the pigs and also met the rest of the flock, where he fooled around with them using his magic tricks.


  • Magic Bird can’t enter space.
  • Magic Bird’s flock name is Stardust.
  • Magic Bird is big enemies with Red.
  • This bird is one of the worst birds in AB4.