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Lucy The Prisoner is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Hearts. It involves Lucy being a prisoner of a Piggy Prison and the flock try to help her get out.


[episode begins with a shot of Piggy Island]

  • Red: Guys, are you RED-DY?
  • Bomb: Ouch! The pun!
  • Chuck: Wait... Oh I get it! [laughs]
  • Lucy: Let’s go get the pigs, guys! No time for fooling around!
  • Bomb: Uh, yeah.
  • Red: Yahaaaaa! [launches into structure] Boom!
  • Lucy: Wahoooo! [Lands on the streets of Piggy Island]
  • Helmet Pig: Oh hello there birdy, we don’t want intruders here. You’re coming to Piggy Prison!
  • Lucy: Hey! [gets tugged by Helmet Pig and thrown into a jail cell]
  • Chuck: Time for me to launch into that jail! Wait - is Lucy in there?
  • Red: [Outside of the jail] She is? Well, I’m breaking her out!
  • Lucy: [inside of jail] Stuck in here now. I need a miracle to break me out!
  • Criminal Pig: So, what are ya in for?
  • Lucy: Well, I was kicked in here by a pig with a helmet for intruding.
  • Criminal Pig: Oh Yeah, you’re the birds! Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, I’m in here for selling-
  • Lucy: Oh nope - no no no no. Don’t want to hear that story.

[scene cuts back to the birds, where Bomb is left]

  • Bomb: Okay, gotta go for the big building with ‘Jail’ on the front. [launches and creates explosion, leading for a way out]
  • Lucy: I can get out! Hooray!
  • Criminal Pig: And I can sell-
  • Lucy: Still no. [winks]
  • Bomb: [looks over to Lucy] Your Prince is Here! Now let’s get back.
  • Lucy: [blushes a lot]

[Scene cuts to the birds on Bird Island]

  • Red: Yay! Lucy’s safe!
  • Chuck: What about the eggs?
  • Lucy: Whoops.

[Episode ends]