Lightning Pig is another pig that lives in The Error Hole. However, using his thunder powers, he can get out of there himself. He is more useful than the other pigs in the Error hole.


Lightning Pig’s eyes look rather strange. Nobody knows why his eyes don’t look like other pigs’ eyes. He also has a thunder bolt chipped into the top of his head. His right ear is slightly broken. Apart from all this, his snout looks normal.


  • He can create thunder shocks from his bolt head. This does damage to the birds and sometimes even paralyses them.
  • He can headbutt people to a great load of damage.
  • He can hypnotise people with his eyes.


  • While some pigs were doing an experiment on another pig, a thunder bolt hit their lab. That triggered the creation of Lightning Pig. His appearance terrified the pigs.
  • Lightning Pig had a chipped ear from birth. Nothing with the lightning had caused it to break.
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