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Jumper Bird is a citizen of Feathinia. He loves to bounce and jump around! He’s energetic, but when he has the ability to focus on something, he’s rather intelligent. Sometimes, he tries to change the pigs into good people.


Jumper Bird is the same colour as red, just only a bit lighter. He has a tail like a spring and purple hair. He has large eyes and an equally big beak. Jumper Bird is a similar size to Chuck.


  • After charging up for a necessary time, Jumper Bird can bounce through several towers. This makes him useful for taking down a line of skyscrapers.
  • Jumper Bird can extend his tail and strangle pigs with it. When a few troublemaking pigs are in the way, this method is more efficient. He can also extend his tail to hit buildings, but not much damage will be dealt.


  • Jumper Bird is ashamed of his hair. However, there is not really a way to remove it.