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Island’s Edge is the second episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It involves Red and Chuck trying to rescue Matilda, as it follows on from the last episode.


[Red and Chuck continue along the forest]

  • Red: Chuck, do you know why we’re here?
  • Chuck: No, not really.
  • Red: Well, it has something to do with the pigs.
  • Chuck: Obviously!
  • Red: I had to fight a few to get through to you.
  • Chuck: Really? Thanks!
  • Red: And now we have to team up to rescue Matilda.
  • Chuck: Yeah. I hope we find her soon!

[a fat pig jumps down, blocking the path]

  • Fat Pig: Hello!
  • Chuck: Hello..
  • Red: Trying to block our path to our friends? Nice try.
  • Chuck: Yep!

[Chuck dashes around the pig and red shoots anger waves]

  • Fat Pig: Is that all you got? Teehee!

[Fat Pig runs away]

  • Chuck: Let’s chase him!
  • Red: Good plan. He could be running to the location of Matilda.
  • Chuck: Ok, IT’S CHUCK TIME!

[Chuck zooms along to find Fat Pig, while Red runs as fast as he can]

  • Red: Chuck! Slow down!
  • Chuck: Don’t worry! I think I’ve cornered him!

[Fat Pig is cornered at the side of a rock on a beach]

  • Red: Hahaha!
  • Chuck: Good-bye...

[Red and Chuck use all of their power]

  • Red: Okay, he’s down.
  • Chuck: What about Matilda?

[Matilda is rattling in a cage]

  • Matilda: Guys! Get me out!
  • Chuck: Okay!

[Chuck breaks the lock and Matilda is set free]

  • Matilda: Yay!