General Info
Powers Make buildings
First Level Appearance: Coal Plains 1-20
Gender: Male
Species: Pig (sus)
Locations: Coal Plains, Pigstruction, Winter Wonderhog, Pork Fortress
Strength: Weak
Size: Medium

Iggy is a pig who is in the group named the Trio. He appears in Angry Birds: Bubbles, and is a boss.

Personality Edit

Iggy is extremely unintelligent compared even to the average pig. He only understands that the birds are the enemy and he is extremely loyal to his superiors.

Relationships Edit

He dislikes Piggy for bossing him and correcting him, but still listens as he was trained to follow orders.

He likes Zach because he does not correct him.

He hates the flock for supposedly burning his town, and destroying his house, and possessions.

Strategy Edit

He is the easiest boss in Angry Birds: Bubbles. His attack is to place buildings to block your birds, but because of the randomness of the placement, his buildings can be avoided easily.

Gallery Edit

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