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He came a bit close to the camera.

Icy Tongue Bird is a mythical bird on Feathinia. He lives in the coldest areas, which is why few birds have seen him.


Icy Tongue Bird is the weirdest bird you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for a suprise, then Icy Tongue Bird is Who you want to meet! This bird has two horns made of ice on his head. Stored inside his beak is a LIVING TONGUE, that is the only heated thing in his body. Many retellings of the story of this bird say that this tongue is just a worm he tried to eat. Icy Tongue Bird is one strange bird!


Icy Tongue Bird has many powers.

  • He can use his tongue as a whip.
  • He can dig his horns into the opponent. He even can wrap his tongue around them!


  • This bird is part of Pig Folklore.