Heart Bird is a long lost bird who stars in her new show, Angry Birds Hearts, a show where the flock have shenanigans with the new bird.


Heart Bird is a circular bird, similar to the shape of Stella, another girl bird. She has a purple patch on her belly. Her feathers are decorated with pink circles, and there are hearts around her eyes. She doesn’t have a tail.


Heart Bird, while sleeping, had a prank played on her by The Blues, which involved a fake pig. When she woke up, her ability was revealed. She can shoot seeds into a structure, and they can grow into pink mist and purple bombs. This destroyed the fake pig.


  • This bird is secretly Drill Bird’s long lost sister.
  • Heart Bird’s flock name is Lucy, but some call her Lucy Love.
  • Heart Bird is in love with Bomb, but Bomb doesn’t quite love her back.
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