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Flock Quest is the first episode of Angry Birds Odyssey. It is about Red trying to locate the rest of his lost flock.


[Red is in the middle of a forest]

  • Red: [grunting] Where am I? Is anybody here?

[no response]

  • Red: I should get going.

[Red walks through the forest, looking for friends]

  • Red: Where is everybody?

[Minion Pig pops out of a bush]

  • Pig: Hahaha!
  • Red: Gah!
  • Pig: The only people here are us pigs!
  • Red: REALLY!?
  • Pig: Yep. I’ve also got a stick! [pokes Red]
  • Red: KNOCK IT OFF!
  • Pig: Fine! Let’s fight!

[Red rushes into Pig, but misses]

  • Red: No!
  • Pig: This will be easy. [whacks Red with a stick]
  • Red: Oh really?

[Red’s anger waves knock the pig away]

  • Pig: AAAAAHHHHH! Sorry for bothering you! [runs away]
  • Red: Heh. [continues going through]

[Red goes through a twisting path, in hopes of finding a member of the flock]

  • Red: I bet that pig was lying.

[Red hears the rattling of a metal cage]

  • Red: Huh?

[A pig with a mask pops out]

  • Masked Pig: Trying to get back Chuck? You’ll die trying.
  • Red: Did you say Chuck?
  • Masked Pig: [blushing] Chuck? I n-never said Chuck.
  • Red: You’re more cowardly than the first!

[Red slaps the masked pig out of the way and throws the mask in a pit]

  • Red: Chuck? Are you there?

[Red arrives at the cage with Chuck inside]

  • Chuck: You found me!
  • Red: Chuck!
  • Chuck: There’s a key in that bush. Use it to get me out!
  • Red: Got it.

[Chuck is set free]

  • Chuck: Yes! YES!

[Chuck zooms around the forest to stretch his legs]

  • Red: Well, where to now?
  • Chuck: Maybe we should find the others?
  • Red: Ok. Do you know anything about them?
  • Chuck: No, sorry.
  • Red: Drat.
  • Chuck: WAIT! I think I remember Matilda being around somewhere...
  • Red: Ok, let’s look for her.

[a bigger pig hides up in a tree, ready to jump on the birds]