NOTE: I don’t know that much about Angry Birds Epic. Thanks to AB Wiki for helping out, though!

Fire Pig is a difficult pig to beat in Angry Birds Epic. He is found at Hog Head Mountain and can only be defeated by long range attacks.


Health: Small

Attack: Strong

Size: Normal

Also, he attacks every 3 turns like some other pigs.

How To Defeat HimEdit

He can’t be defeated by physical contact, because he is on fire. Because of that, you need to use someone like Chuck and attack. He will do a lot of damage, so healing will come in handy.


  • You’d think that he has been on fire for so long, he would melt. However, over time, he gained a resistance to it. Moustache Pig has been trying to find a reason why for 2 months.
  • Fire Pig is also a boss in AB3.
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